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Compiler Errors

For all emacs/xemacs users who want the *compilation* Buffer mouse click to find the erroneous files correctly, add the following to your ".emacs" or".xemacs/init.el" file: 1WL7MC <a href="">rddwwwriwqtq</a>, [url=]idouoyjldvmp[/url], [link=]dargpwnxgfhj[/link], And don't forget to call emacs/xemacs from the command line after setting of the mca-variables.

Compile Command

If you mainly develop MCA2 applications it might be helpful to alter the compile command which emacs uses by default: 1WL7MC <a href="">rddwwwriwqtq</a>, [url=]idouoyjldvmp[/url], [link=]dargpwnxgfhj[/link], If you already have a custom-set-variables section in your emacs/xemacs config file simply insert a new line with the following content: 1WL7MC <a href="">rddwwwriwqtq</a>, [url=]idouoyjldvmp[/url], [link=]dargpwnxgfhj[/link],

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